Super Plush

Impossibly plush and ultra-absorbent. Envelop yourself in velvety softness with our 750 GSM towels.

Super Plush


Seriously soft and quick-drying. Our 550 GSM towels will make your everyday routine a little bit more special.


Which Towel Is For Me?



Feels Whispery & Lightweight

Looks like Lightly Textured

Weight 550 GSM

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Super Plush

Feels Sumptuous & Fluffy

Looks like Lush, Velvety

Weight 750 GSM

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See Why People Love Our Towels

Sensitive Skin

“My elderly mother has sensitive skin and these towels are perfect for her.”

- Sue C.

Launder Beautifully

“Fluffy towels that dry well, look amazing and launder beautifully.”

- Bridget K.

So Plump & Soft

“Towels you lose yourself in. They’re just so plump and soft.”

- Adrienne G.

Post-Shower Bliss

“ADORE snuggling up in the bath sheet after a hot shower - bliss”

- Lynn M.

Incredibly Absorbent

"Wow these towels! Decadent, indulgent & incredibly absorbent."

- Berni D.