What makes aLinenbundle sheet?

At Linenbundle, we knew the handfeel of good bedlinen, but we also knew what not-so-good bedlinen felt like. Focusing our expertise in the industry on making the BEST product possible has resulted in the most beautiful premium, super soft sheets.

Single Ply Cotton

Long-lasting sheets are our priority at Linenbundle. We achieve this, in part, by using single-ply yarn, because it produces the finest, strongest threads.

Less is more with Single Ply, as Multi-ply yarns are actually weaker, lower-grade cotton fibres meshed together to create a false durability or strength.

Single Ply can only be spun out from long-staple cotton, which in turn guarantees the softest, lightest and longest lasting sheets.

Long Staple Cotton

For the strongest & finest sheets, we use long-staple cotton. As the name suggests, long-staple means longer fibres, which are spun together to produce the smoothest sheets. 

Alternative or shorter fibres create a more coarse fabric as they don’t always bind in the weave & tend to stick out creating a coarser texture.

Perfect Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. So if you’re looking at a 500 thread count bedding set like one of ours, this means there would be 250 threads woven horizontally and 250 vertically woven threads in each square inch.
Be warned, a higher thread count does not mean a higher quality sheet.
Thread counts in excess of 500 are commonly constructed of the‘multiple-ply’ cotton we mentioned above, so whilst the thread count is higher, the material can be of a much lower grade quality.
We've found 500 to be the perfect thread count when made using Single Ply, Long Staple cotton.

Our 365 Day Warranty.

Our sheets are made to last. So if they rip or fray, we'll make it right & replace them, free of charge.


Buy Less, Demand

Durability is a core priority in the design and manufacturing of every Linenbundle sheet. So you can buy less, and expect superior quality.

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Sustainably Made, Ethically Sourced.

We all have a duty to look after our planet. We ensure that all the farms, mills & factories we work with share our vision.

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