Can Better Bedding Improve Your Sleep?

Poor quality sleep is something we probably all have experience of. Whether it’s tossing and turning all night or not being able to stay asleep once we get there, a bad night’s sleep is a miserable experience.

But can better quality bedding improve your sleep?

What Causes Poor Quality Sleep?

Before we talk about what can help to improve your sleep, we need to address what causes poor sleep.

Stress, anxiety, some physical illnesses, mental illnesses and even the use of technology are amongst the many causes of sleeplessness.

Now, we love brilliant bedding. But let’s be honest - better bedding won’t help to deal with a physical illness causing insomnia. And better bedding won’t solve all of your stress problems.

But creating a bedroom environment more conducive to sleep can help to eradicate some causes of sleeplessness.

A Better Bedroom for Sleeping

The blue screens on our phones and tablets can decrease the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleepy.  So doing away with the phone before bedtime is a sensible idea. But there’s more to it than that.

There are lots of other things in our bedrooms that can influence how well we sleep. These include:

  • Temperature: 16 to 18 Degrees Celsius is commonly considered the ideal temperature range for sleeping, though some people prefer things slightly warmer or cool. But certainly, bedrooms over 24 degrees are too hot. We’ve all experienced the sleeplessness on those stifling summer nights in houses with no air conditioning!
  • Light and Dark: Melatonin really is magic. This sleep hormone is produced in darkness hours and makes us drowsy. But in the UK, the summers bring a lot of light. It can be light until after 10pm and the light again by 4am. Daylight is a melatonin killer, which in turn makes you feel less sleepy. So thick, heavy duty curtains or black out blinds to keep the daylight out can help you to get to sleep
  • Noise: Ideally you need a quiet bedroom, which is conducive to relaxation
  • Comfort: And this is where the bed and bedding comes in. A comfortable bed has a direct impact on your sleep quality. We sleep better when we are comfortable, which means a mattress that suits us and, yes, good quality bedding too.

So, Does Better Bedding Help you to Sleep Better?

The comfort element of sleep is unquestionably important. 100% cotton bedding is more suited to helping you to regulate body temperature than man made fibre produced bedding.

Plus, higher quality cotton feels softer and more comfortable.

Alongside a comfortable bed, better bedding could very well help you to sleep better.

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